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ProBlogue 2

This is me hitting the Publish button on the first public post for this project.

I guess it's the lighting of the proverbial fire under me, where all this time I've just been amassing a ton of kindling. And just so I could legitimately feel the fire, I've left this post to the day it's supposed to published. Up to this point, the name of the game has been almost entirely preparation, so I think I needed this one thing to be a bit more on the fly.

But obviously, that's not the only reason there's a follow up post. I wanted to articulate a few things that happened after the thing went public. The first was my internal reaction, which was a surprising amount of calm. Now that it's definitely happening, the only thing left to do, is to *do*.

Much in the vein of getting on and doing, a thing that occurred to me around September time was whether this is something I actually wanted to do. I mentioned in the previous post that none of the stuff I was making had any real reason to be. The question I then went on to ask myself was whether this project was just a tool to keep me motivated when nothing else would. That question got asked louder and louder inside of me as December came along, but I think it was wise to call my brain's bluff as it were.

But I think that idea did plant a seed about how I'm going to enjoy the project as it goes along. After all, it's a lot of work. I'm trying to preempt burning out on stuff before it happens, because that's literally the last thing I want to happen. I don't want the amount of work to end up controlling my actions or emotions. I want all of this to be stuff I want to make every week, not another deadline in my life. Most importantly, I don't owe this to anyone, especially not myself. If something goes wrong, and I want to take a week off, I'm taking a week off. That said, I understand all the merits of sticking to a schedule and uploading music regardless of how flawed it may or may not be, so I'm gonna give it my best effort of course.

I'm working on a quarterly review that I'm gonna be uploading on this blog, as well as journalling exercises that I'm gonna be using to check in with myself as objectively as I can. I'm still wholly excited for this project, not just to put a load of art out, but to test myself and have a load of fun doing it. There's so much coming out that I'm really excited to show the world.

I think that's all until releases start coming out. Playthroughs are already coming up on the Instagram, but I'll be getting the first EP ready to drop in January.

Peace \,,/

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