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The first roadblock.

I’ve formed a small habit of going to the beach and speaking into my audio recorder, and these rambles will form some of these blogs, like this one you're about to read.

I think I might have come against the first fundamental fault in this system I’ve made for the year. I’ve been writing a bunch of music I care a lot about, but because of how this year is laid out structurally, it’s going to be months until I get back to being involved with it, by which point I can’t really synthesise that same emotion that drove me to write that song in the first place. I tend to be quite a reactive songwriter, in that I’ll usually require some kind of stimulus or event or piece of art to provoke me into something, but once I’ve started down that road, that’s when the best music comes out for me. As an aside, I feel like it’s one of my crutches that I rely on other people’s artwork to help inspire my own which is why I’ve been keen to try and write source material from scratch for the first couple of projects.

But that’s kind of neither here nor there. The main problem is that if I get really into a song, I want to make and release it while I’m riding that wave of interest/emotion or whatever it might be. What I would like ideally is some free space to write whatever I feel like in those spaces, but I don’t also want that lack of structure to lead to unnecessary pressure on me to put something out. Not only that, but I don’t want the need to put something in that gap in a rush lead to bad songwriting/production.

So yeah, it’s something to think about. I would like more freedom of some kind, but I don’t want it to lower the overall quality of the stuff I have planned. I’ll see how this shapes up over the next couple of months.


P.S Between you and me, I’ve just finished tracking for the 3rd project and it sounds insane, I can’t wait to share it.

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